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Course Materials Online (CMO): Introduction

Software requirements

Most documents linked to from CMO will be either web pages or PDF documents. PDF documents will best be viewed using Adobe Reader version 6 or higher.

To install Adobe's Acrobat Reader on your home or work computer, visit the Download software viewers page.

What is CMO?

Course Materials Online (CMO) provides online access to course materials identified by lecturers and unit coordinators as being essential for your units.

Items listed may include online journal articles, book chapters, and ebooks, along with links to books and other items held in High Demand Collections or Main Collections in the subject libraries.

  • Please note that CMO lists are intended to include essential readings and texts only; recommended readings may need to be located using OneSearch.

The most recent five years of examination papers are also available for the majority of units. However, some exam papers do not appear as they have been marked as not for publication, or the unit coordinator prefers that they not be made available.

Accessing CMO

To access CMO, click on the Course Materials Online link on the University Library web site, or if you’re already accessing OneSearch you can switch to the CMO tab.




In order to access the full range of materials, it is recommended that you sign in to OneSearch. 

You can do this by clicking on the Sign In link in the top right-hand corner of the page. If you’re already signed in to the Single Sign In Network you’ll automatically be signed in when clicking the link, if not you’ll be prompted to enter your UWA ID Number and Pheme password.


Locating your resource lists

Two types of unit materials can be found in CMO; essential readings and past exam papers.

  • Essential readings for your units can be found by entering the unit code, name, or coordinator into the CMO search box, and selecting the appropriate search field from the dropdown box.



  • Past exam papers for your units can be found by searching in the Examination Papers tab. You can search by unit code or name, or expand your search to the entire record.



NOTE: You must be signed in to access examination papers.