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Social Sciences - Anthropology and Sociology: Databases and journals

A guide to support students taking Anthropology and Sociology units from the School of Social Sciences. This includes topic areas such as: human culture, identity and society; social thought; global change and ethnography.


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Find recommended readings

Search CMO for materials identified by your lecturers as important for your unit. Need help with CMO? Try our CMO guide

What is CMO?

Course Materials Online (CMO) is the UWA Library's Resource List Management System, which provides online access to course reading lists. It comprises of links to full text journal articles and book chapters, and to OneSearch records of items held in the Library's collections. It is accessible from any computer in the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Google Scholar

Activate FindIt@UWA links in Google Scholar to access the UWA full text version of articles.  Once activated, you will see FindIt@UWA links - click these and the online, UWA databases will be searched for you.

To activate the FindIt@UWA feature in Google Scholar when off campus:

1.   Go to Google Scholar

2.   Click the option icon (the small white cog in the top right hand corner of the screen)

3.   Select Scholarly preferences

4.   Scroll down the Library Links box and search for University of Western Australia (or UWA, or University of WA)

5.   Tick the checkbox for the option The University of Western Australia (FindIt@UWA)

6.   Click Save Preferences

Newspaper databases


There are a large number of database products that provide good content related to Anthropology and Sociology; some provide good full-text coverage allowing you to link directly to the full article or book within the database product.

Others are indexing databases - they help to you to find information through the indexing only of titles and abstracts and will generally link you directly to a "Find It@UWA"  link button to help you to identify where you can get full-text online or print access.

Here is a small selection of some of our full text and indexing database products.

Full text databases

Indexing databases

Journal titles

The best place to begin to search for a specific journal title is in OneSearch.  Use the pull down menu to select "Journal Title".

From the search results you can select "full text" which will take you to one of our databases or to the location of the print copy of the journal within the library. 

Below you will find two Journals relevant to Sociology and Anthropology scholarly research in Australia. 

You can view a full list of journal titles by searching for Sociology - Periodicals or Anthropology - Periodicals in OneSearch.


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Multidisciplinary databases

These databases contain information on a wide range of subjects.