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Parliamentary papers: Introduction

This is a guide to locating and using the Australian and British Parliamentary Papers collections, and is useful for students of History, Law and Politics.

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What are Parliamentary Papers?

A Parliamentary Paper is any document which has been tabled in Parliament, ordered to be printed and made available to the public as a printed paper. These may include reports from various committees, annual reports for government departments, subordinated legislation or Law Reform Commission Reports. Often items which can be hard to find elsewhere, such as the "Aboriginal Deaths in Custody" Royal Commission report, can be located as part of an annual set of Parliamentary Papers. However, not all tabled documents are printed.

Each Australian jurisdiction (Federal, State and Territory) publishes Parliamentary Papers. They each have different systems for organising and numbering these papers. The Papers can all be found in the Government Publications section in the Business Library on the 3rd floor of the Reid building. Please refer to the spreadsheet on Locating Australian Government Publications in the UWA Library for details on the Library's holdings for each State and their shelf location.

 Hansard's Parliamentary Debates, 1853 by hugovk licensed under Creative Commons

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