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Resources for locating and researching Western Australian civil procedure.

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Procedural law - find definitions

“A body of rules prescribing the manner, form, and order in which matters may be dealt with and enforced in a judicial forum. Procedural law includes the formal steps to be taken in an action such as pleading, process, evidence, and practice.”

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Loose-leaf services


looseleaf service

Many of the resources listed in this guide started as loose-leaf services. This type of publication lends itself to procedural law because it brings together both primary and secondary source materials and is easily kept up-to-date with new developments.

Historically, only paper loose-leaf services were available. They were published in ring-binders so that as the law changed superceded pages could be removed and new pages inserted. Updates were usually published weekly or monthly.

Although the Law Library still keeps some of these services on the shelf, most are now available online and are updated daily. See the Key Resources tab to access important works.

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