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Legal research guide: Public Law: Public Law home

Resources to support teaching and study in Australian Public Law

Courts & Tribunals

Courts' websites are great sources of information for finding out how the court operates, recent decisions, and so on.

What is public law?

"The body of law dealing with the powers, rights, and obligations of the government and the governed. Public law is generally considered to be composed of constitutional, administrative, environmental, international, and criminal law. It also includes any statutory law that relates to the entire population of a state and that determines the responsibility of public officers towards the state, each other, and the public. It is contrasted with private law." 

 Encyclopaedic Australian Legal Dictionary (LexisNexis AU)

Interpretation and use of legal sources

An Interview with Michael Kirby: Interpretation and Use of Legal Sources. The text discussed is part of the Laws of Australia series (online and in the library).

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