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Survey and test instruments in the Health Sciences: Introduction

This guide is designed for staff and students interested in locating a range of tests, survey instruments, questionnaires, assessments, measures and scales across the psychological, educational, social sciences and medical fields.

Finding Your Way


Use the tabs to locate resources online, to find critiques, for help using databases, to design your own survey or test instrument, and to see further links.

Generally, commercially available tests and survey instruments must be purchased from publishers. Those that are not commercially available may be found in books, journal articles, printed reports, the Web or may be available from the author.

Some can be found in the books detailed below. Remember there are always new resources arriving in the library. For more resources try a keyword search including terms like: test*, measure*, survey* or guide*.

Survey and Test Instruments @ UWA

A collection of tests is housed in the Psychology Test Library located in The Hub reception, Room 1.04, General Purpose Building 3 (GP3). Enquiries about the collection can be made to the Test Librarian ( ).


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Florence Nightingale
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Louis Pasteur
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Skeleton Foot 
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Barber-Dentist, 16th century, Portugal
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Bore Track of Strzelecki Desert, South Australia
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