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Locate resources, including case law, legislation, journal articles and commentary relevant to the study of the law of tort.

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General Torts Resources

Don't Be Negligent - Find Out About Torts

What is Torts Law?

"A civil wrong distinguished from the law of contract, the law of restitution, and the criminal law. A tort is a breach of a duty, potentially owed to the whole world, imposed by law ... Torts serve to protect a person's interest in his or her bodily security, tangible property, financial resources, or reputation. Interference with one of these interests is redressable by an action for compensation, usually in the form of unliquidated damages. The law of torts aims to restore the injured person to the position he or she was in before the tort was committed ...".

Encyclopaedic Australian Legal Dictionary (LexisNexis AU)

Torts & Personal Injury Law (CCH Intelliconnect)

One of the key resources for LAWS4106 Torts is Torts & Personal Injury Law in CCH Intelliconnect.

Torts & Personal Injury Law contains Commentary, Cases and Legislation relevant to tort law. View the tutorials in this guide to get a quick overview of how to search and browse the content in this resource or link to the CCH resource centre to view more in-depth tutorials

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Roadmaps offer a quick overview of commentary, key cases and legislation on a specific topic. Roadmaps also includes direct links to the the more detailed view of information that you need

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